When we planted 210 apple trees year 2012 our goal was to create a beautiful apple orchard and to be able to produce an applebrandy of our grown apples is favor. After contact with Balsgård and Kivik we chose 7 varieties of apples with different characteristics: Katja, Aroma, Cox Orange, Cox Pomona, Gravensteiner, Gyllenkroks Atrakan and James Grieve. Please read more about the varieties under apple varieties. 

To combine different characteristics we will produce a dry apple cider. Bitter apples gives structure, balance and harmony. Apples with high acidity has high levels of tannins and gives a good base. Bittersweet apples gives freshness and balance. The next step in the process is to distillate the apple cider twice which result in a colorless destillat. After 2 years maturing on oak barrels the applebrandy is ready to enjoy. We will produce vintage applebrandy. 

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