LOTIMA Digestif

Fruktig, robust smak med inslag av päron, aprikoskärnor, halm och mandelmassa.

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A grapspirit distilled by the pomace and grape skins from the wineproduction. Since we control the chain, from soil to table, we can maximise quality and the result will lead to no use of sulfits, which gives the grape spirit clean aromas of fruit. 

Grapevarieties: Solaris and Muscaris 

Harvest: By hand in october 2020. 

Master distiller: David Orre

Yearly production: appr. 600 bottles 50 cl of 40% vol. grapespirit 

Tastingnotes: Fruity grape spirit with aromas of pears, apricot seeds, hay and almonds. 

For purchase please visit Systembolaget Väla, Berga and Drottninggatan, Helsingborg. You can also preorder Lotima Digestif to all Systembolag stores. 

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Botanical Gin

Spirit of Sweden.....

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Master distiller: David Orre

Yearly production:

We are in the process of producing a receipt for our first gin, which will be a Botanical Gin where we get inspired of the herbs of our Culinary garden at Lottenlund Estate. We distill the herbs with a grape-spirit which will give the gin a bit more fruity character. 

This page will be updated with more information as we develop the receipt. 

Lotima Applebrandy

To be continued...

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We planted our apples in year 2012 and until today we have produced a very tasteful and popular juice made of crushed, cold pressed apples from our farm where we doesn't use any pesticides. For the first time in october 2020 we took some of the harvest and started the fermentation and was distilled in our Kothe to a brandy which we in beginning of 2021 put on oak. Now we have to wait for the brandy when it tells us its ready to enjoy. 

Masterdistiller: David Orre

Varieties: Aroma, Cox Orange and Cox Pomona 

Barrel: Started the maturing on Serbian oakbarrels 50 liters made of Quercus Petraea in 22nd of April 2021.

Volym: Very limited

London Dry Gin by Lottenlund

Coming product! Will be launched 2nd of December 2021 at 10.00 CET on Systembolaget in Sweden. 

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