We are dreaming about a farmshop and gift shop to provide you with the best in the gastronomic world. Until that dream come true we sell our homemade products and also some gifts that make the gastronomic life more beautiful. 

If you are missing something in our assortment, just drop us a line. 

Christmasgift Applejuice and Lottenlunds Biscotti

Christmasgift Applejuice from our farm and Lottenlunds biscotti

Volyme 50 cl juice 

Weight: 150 g biscotti

Price 110 SEK 

Christmasgift Applejuice with spice of Christmas incl Lottenlunds biscotti

Christmasgift Applejuice with spices of Christmas inkl Lottenlunds biscotti

Price: 165 SEK


Weight: 500 g

Price: 100 SEK

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To produce one pot of honey the bees are visiting 5 millions of flowers and when they are producing honey they are pollinating the trees in the same time. 

Our bees flies 3 km around the beehive and collect honey and pollen. We grow our bees in organic way and stir the honey by hand. We hope you will like the taste of Allerum. 

Lottenlunds biscotti

Lottenlunds biscotti 

Weight 150 gram 

Price: 69 SEK 

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It started with a food market and we were inviting customers to taste our lovely warm äpplejuice and we served a biscotti made of butter, cardamon and love, which was very tasteful. Ever since then we have baked our biscotti every Christmas for our apple juice spiced with christmas. 

150 g bag

Price: 65 SEK

Polishing cloth

Price:175 SEK

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Microfiber Polishing cloth for decanters, wineglasses, cocktail glasses and cristalglasses. 

Gin & Tonicglasses

2 glasses in each package

Price: 250 SEK 

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Serve your perfect Gin & Tonic in those glasses and fill it with lots of ice. 

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