The annual cycle in our vineyard

All activities in our vineyard is made by a sustainable intention

The year in our vineyard starts in february/march when its time to pruning. Its made by hand and it takes time but all worth it. We use a mulcher for the wood that is pruned, it will be chopped into small pieces which will fall down to the ground and give back nuitrition to the vine. The circle is complete.  

During the summer we control our weeds by machine (no pests) and all activities in our vineyard is made by a sustainable intention. Leaf management is made by hand and for the future also grapes. In that way we will have full control of our vines. The first two years we cut the flowers that grow during spring otherwise the flowers will steal power from the vine. 

The year ends with harvest in the vineyard. That is made manually and during normal years in october. During november and december we stay in the winery producing wine before its time again to pruning in february. 

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