Our crus

We grow vines in two different crus and climates


In the beginning of 20th century we built our house and we leased our land to other agricultures. From year 2010 we started to prepare the land to be in transit and in 2016 we planted our first vines in 4 hectare. That was the varieties Solaris, Muscaris, Cabernet Cortis and Monarch. In 2019 we planted also Donau-Riesling and Souvignier gris and today we take care of 7 ha, totally 30.000 vines in Allerum. The terroir is marvel, which is a soil with both clay and lime that is suitable for dry periods since the clay retain the water. 


When we came to visit Jörgen, that planted vines in Segelstorp in 2013, we fell in love with the view and place and when he decided to sell the land we were very happy to win the the bidding and the vineyard became ours in august 2019. Since then we have planted more grapes there so in total almost 5000 vines now in 1.5 hectar. The terroir is sandy and rich in lime which will make the vines to work harder for water and therefore pick up minerals on its way. Also the mountain beneath the soil keep the warmness during spring which makes the vines grow fast when the season starts. We predict harvest will be ready in Segelstorp before Allerum, even if its more north here. In this vineyard we grow Solaris and Donau-Riesling. 

During 2022 we will plant more vines in Segelstorp and the total volume will be 3.5 ha. 

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