Honeybee farm

That's why we are so proud of our bees...

...and they help us to keep the natural surroundings. Overdevelopment, reducing plant diversity and destruction of habitat has a negative impact on honeybees and for us it came naturally to start a beefarm in Lottenlund Estate since we care about the nature. You can also help by choosing honey made locally.

Today we have 10 beehives and we are planning for totally 15, by establish 5 beehives out in the agriculture 3 km at least away from our bee garden.  The process of honeymaking is totally a handcraft, that is probably the reason why our honey taste so good. To be able to produce one pot of honey the bees needs to visit 5 million flowers. Our bees also help pollinating our apple trees. 

For companies that needs private label, please contact us.  

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