Lottenlund Estate


We are incredibly proud of our honeybees and that we through our beehives contribute to increased biodiversity. We see it as an insurance for the future.

Bees are affected by disease at a greater extent in modern society and agriculture. You can help the bees and biodiversity by choosing locally produced honey over the industrial counterpart.

At Lottenlund we host 10 bee families, and every family has its own queen. Tens of thousands of bees of the Buckfast variety, spreads as far as 3 kilometers from their homes. A few times a year we arrange bee safaris, where we look inside the hives.

The honey we produce is handcrafted and the honey is a result of over 5 million flower visits. If that was not enough, they help us with the pollination of our Appletree’s.

Since we don’t use any chemical compounds, our wax is highly sought after, and we sell it for use in salves, but we let the bees keep most of it for themselves.

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