Lottenlund Estate


Welcome to the distillery

This is where we enrich our fantastic crops growing in the fields of our surroundings. Primarily we distill our grapes. apples, and various herbs into flavorful and aromatic distillates. Our process involves all the stages from growing, fermenting, distilling and of course, aging. At the heart of the distillery stands a majestic column that carefully captures all the aroma from our products. It is essential, in order to create a clean and high tasting spirit, we only use the best ingredients available, preferable grown inhouse.


Visit us, and we will tell you more about our different activities at the distillery. By booking a visit at Lottenlund you will get insight in our production methods, philosophy and how we make sure you will get the best drinking experience in your glass, and do not be surprised if you get an opportunity to taste one of our great products!

Our products


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