Nuanced, fruity and sweet, white wine with aromas of yellow pears, honey, apples, apricots, almond pulp and orangejam.

A unique wine produced of Solarisgrapes from our vineyard in Allerum. A long and warm season ended with perfect conditions for noble rot, with warm days, humid nights and very mature grapes. Noble rot is a favorable attack of the fungi Botrytis cinerea on the skin of the grape, where the fungis attack the skin and makes it more permeable for water. The water evaporates and the grape start to wrinkles, where the sugar and aromas concentrates. An explosion of flavors with matches very well with tarte flambée, cheese, asian dishes and desserts. Or just enjoy it like it is.

Alc. 11% vol.

Acidity: 6 g/L

Residual Sugar 53 g/L

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