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Suprise your friends with a memorable experience at Lottenlund Estate. We offer several different experiences where the visitor get to know the life in the vineyard and follow the wine from farm to table. Here you can read more about our tastings of wines

We also offer tastings with distilled spirits where the visitor gets to know the distilling process and how you produce different fruit brandy. Here you can read more about our spirit tastings.

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Giftcards will be sent by post or by email. Its also possible to pick up the giftcard at our winery but only by booked appointment at since we have limited opening hours.

Validity period

Våra presentkort gäller 1 år från inköpsdatum och går endast att utnyttja 1 juni tom 30 september då vi erbjuder dryckesupplevelser på gården för 1-5 personer. Resten av året kan man utnyttja sitt presentkort om man kommer som privat grupp med min. 6 personer. Då har man möjlighet att välja datum och tid för provning. Presentkorten går inte att förlänga. På konsumentverkets hemsida kan ni läsa mer om de rättigheter ni har som konsument gällande presentkort, se nedan länk:

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Book a tasting with giftcard

Congratulations to your giftcard. When you want to book a tasting with giftcard you choose between the tastings we offer and then you send us an email to with information about day, time and what number there is on the giftcard. We confirm your booking within 1-3 days. If you don’t receive any confirmation, we haven’t received your booking. For cancellation of tastings that shall be paid with giftcards please read our booking terms which are presented at the bottom of this page. A giftcard is a value document which corresponds to cash money.


Är du 25 eller äldre?

Denna sida innehåller information om alkoholhaltiga drycker och passar dig som är 25 år eller äldre