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Welcome to the cellar

This is where the magic happens, where grapes turn into delicious wine. The winery is located just outside Allerum, Helsingborg, and this is where we process all our grapes both from Bjäre and Allerum vineyards.

With careful picking during harvest, ecological growing philosophy and 3 step quality control, we make sure that all the grapes that reach the cellar is of the best possible quality to produce a high quality wine.

In the cellar we work with as few interventions as possible, 70% of the flavor is created in the field, and the goal is that the hard work and wonderful aromas from the field will be reflected in the final wine.

Time and patience are the key to high quality. When the grapes are harvested, and the ferment is finished the wine need rest and be tamed from its adolescent. When we see great potential in a wine we let it age on barrels for 2 to 4 years and another year on the bottle. By taking responsibility of the aging at the winery we make sure all our customers get the best possible drinking experience, even the impatient ones.

Cleaning is one of the most important way in the winery for two reasons. No mistakes can be done and in Sweden The Food safety department make revision every year in the winery. We follow the controlprogram Hazard Analyzis and critical control points. And with the cleaningprogram we have developed here at Lottenlund we are also able to minimize the use of sulphites, which is good both for humans and nature. We also work with tracibility and from farm to bottle we have full tracibility. That is a safety for both our clients and ourselves.

By booking a visit at Lottenlund you will get further insight in how we produce our wines, our philosophy about the wines we produce and of course an opportunity to taste our different wines.

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