Lottenlund Estate

Culinary Garden

In our Culinary Garden, we cultivate botanicals long used for their medicinal values, and usage in the Swedish Akvavit tradition. At the start it was used for all kinds of herbs and vegetables, but as we decided to start distilling, we wanted to use the garden for our gin production, which influenced us in the creation of our Botanical gin, since then it has continued to inspire us to create new spirit recipes.

As with everything at Lottenlund, we stay as far away as chemical compound as we can and remove weeds by hand.

The garden is 600 square meters, and just beside it we have another 800 square meters of berries.

In the summertime, if you are lucky to arrive at harvest, we sell some of our produce to visitors.

Don’t be scared if you see one of our hens walking around in the garden, they are just paying their dues in form of munieur in return for the food we give them.

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