Lotima digestif
40% vol.

Fruity, powerful flavor with notes of peer, apricot, hay and sweet almond.

The creation of marc is a natural part of the winemaking process, where you take care of all part of the grapes that’s been nourished over the course of the year. Depending on where you are in the world, it goes under different names, such as grappa in Italy and marc in France. While no current regional name for the product currently exist in Sweden we decided to call our marc, Lotima Digestif.

Our digestif is mirroring the growing season and the quality of our grapes, and will provide a unique flavor profile year by year, depending on which varieties gives us the best quality and ripeness, that will be distilled. Primary we use a base of our white varieties, solaris and Muscaris, which reliably produce high quality grapes, however those years other varieties achieve exceptional quality we use these to enhance the complexity of the product. All varieties are individually distilled and finally blended to ensure the desired flavor profile. A perfect end to a long dinner.

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