Lotima Roselyn 2022


Bärig, frisk smak med inslag av smultron, röda vinbär, rabarber, röd grapefrukt och vattenmelon.

 Our goal is to produce a roséwine a Provence but with Nordic aromas and acidity. Thanks to hot days and cold nights during Swedish summer the terroir produces grapes which gives crispy, foodfriendly wines with a long aftertaste. 
After fermentation, the wine rests in steel tanks for 3 months before bottling. This gives a wine with primary aromas and crispness. Due to early bottling, there may be wine stone in the bottles. Wine stone is harmless and is not a defect but is a reaction between potassium from the skins, where tartaric acid precipitates potassium to tartrate. Normally, cold stabilisation is used to avoid tartar, but in early bottling there may be some precipitation afterwards. 

Alcohol: 12% vol.
Acidity: 8 g/L
Restsötma: 3 g/L

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