Releases 5th of December 10.00 CET

Several times we harvested Solaris grapes during fall 2021 and left one bunch on each vine which gave us the opportunity to do late harvest and thanks to, both mature grapes when Botrytis came to the fields and for the right weather conditions during Botrytis our grapes developed noblerot.

A unique wine we will only do special vintages. That is also a good reason to release this beautiful wine for celebration of Christmas and Happy new year. This wine will be available in the store of Systembolaget Helsingborg: Berga, Väla and City. Its also Available through “beställningsvara” for delivery to the rest of the Systembolaget.

Alc. 11% vol.

Acidity: 6 g/L

Residual Sugar 53 g/L